Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some things are just not right.

I have a pimple. Right on the end of my nose. Is it fair to be forty, have laugh lines, and still get pimples? I think not.

I also got my once-a-year-perm yesterday to put some uniform curl into my hair with a mind of its own, and it stinks. I'm not allowed to wash it for another whole day, so I'll have to live with the irritating smell for a while longer.

I have to call the airline for a third time about misspelling my name on the itenerary for a flight scheduled for October. Imagine me arriving at the airport, not being permitted to board the plane, then consequently being arrested by security for pitching a fit about the airline's mistake. I'm guessing it would be best to remain proactive with Continental instead.

It after 9 a.m. here at True Vyne farms and fog hands like a thick wool winter coat in the closet
over the fields. My children are recovering from a manic Monday of busy- Co-op, ballet, two soccer practices in different cities, and Scouts. Pooh Bear and I are starting to dread that routine, and I don't see a way to lighten it up until after soccer season. Bless her heart, she arrived at ballet with one pink slipper and no doodle-do (family name for pony tail holder).

I do count my blessings, but it's not helping lift my overall blue. I think there is a connection between the shortening chilly days and my mood.

Is the change of season effecting you as well?


Questing Parson said...

In reference to that second paragraph, thanks for the visual.

Shayne said...

Good ol' East Tn weather. Gotta love it.

Liked your post about Pooh Bear and Disney on ice. My uncle used to work for them. He was a backstage manager. He doesn't work there anymore, but it was fun while it lasted. Free tickets I mean.

truevyne said...

Questing- ya make me laugh.

Shayne- once a year is about all I need of the princess ritual. Do you have any girls? I thought you just had a son.

Kate said...

Yes, dry skin and lots of sneezing going on here. And it's so not fair to have pimples in our adult years. I thought that was over and done with but NO, it has to break any confidence with ageing when one (or two) show up (as the have on my jaw line - ugh!). But back to the season changes... ahhh, I love fall. So I'll take the sneezing for the beauty outside.