Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got a prescription for reading glasses at my last eye exam. Anyone out there surprised? It's a symbol of descent into, I don't know, elderlyness. I also plunge my toes into the cushiest slippers around my house, because my feet hurt from plantar fasciitis most of the time. I don't like loud music anymore(except David Crowder, of course). Next thing you know, I'll start popping Geritol, because I'm already taking B complex for energy. How do I stave off the rushing flood of ailments I was so certain would never happen to me? I experimented with keeping the flavor of youth close to my tongue this morning.

On my very slow run at the start of the day, I determined to skip like a giddy five year old girl no matter who was around when an Irish song come across my ipod- just during the jig parts of the music. I haven't skipped in a long time. Have you? I decided not to look into the eyes of passerbys, so as not to heap their possible disapproval on my child-like experience. I let myself ponder how much I loved childhood and it's freedoms. Nothing like giving in and seizing the joy of movement if only for a fleeting moment. I really can still skip a bit even with a bum knee, and it made me happy as a long hot shower after a full day weeding an overgrown garden.

I wonder what other forgotten trick I can still do? What makes you content as you grow older? I'd like to know.


almostgotit said...

The long, lean, limber limbs of my children!

At A Hen's Pace said...

I can relate. I have trifocals now, euphemistically called something else like "graduated" but that's not it.... See? The memory is going too.

I need to look up plantar fasciitis because maybe that's part of my problem--I can no longer go barefoot in the house as I love to do because, um, my feet hurt. Can't describe it well, but shoes or slippers are a must now. And I keep getting inexplicable Achilles tendinitis.

I did a cartwheel earlier this summer, just to see if I could, and I didn't injure myself. That was a trick!

Content? The true answer is the Lord, who knows the plans He has for me...

But the vain answer is--I am surprised and content that I still have no gray hair to speak of!



truevyne said...

Almost, so right.

So you are right in there with me. Except for the gray hair- I went gray when I was 30. I tried to roll with it, but people starting asking me about my grandchildren (which were my own babies and toddlers- ahem). Now I am a fan of hair color.
sorry about your feet- there are stretches which help some. Doing releves' toes pointed toward the wall and while pushing on the wall is one.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to stretch your calf muscles really good. I found my plantar fasciitis (heel pain) is due to extremely tight calves!

I'm still struggling w/the idea of coloring....sounds like too much maintenance for me!

Auntie S