Saturday, November 29, 2008


QUICK! I need ideas. My daughter wants the traditional Sound of Music birthday party in two weeks. Oh dear, oh dear, dear me.
We're gonna make some of the favorite things like blue satin sashes, snow flakes, and ask for presents to be wrapped in brown paper tied up with string. Pooh Bear insists on jam and bread instead of cake. She nixed my idea of wedding cake (ya know, Maria does get married). Maybe I can sneak in some crisp apple strudel. Will party guests be dreadfully disappointed or humor my daughter's whim? My boys agreed to dress up like Nazi's, carry flashlights, and blow whistles for some good old hide 'n seek. Pooh Bear wants to wear a habit. My husband must learn to play Edelweiss on mandolin and lead a sing-along. And we can play musical chairs to the soundtrack. How about a yodeling contest? We do have a goat herd already, but I'm not sure if they cooperate if we added strings to them for puppets. My niece thinks I could teach the "So, long farewell dance. Too ambitious? Also we thought of making clothes out of draperies somehow, but...

And do children, besides mine, even know about musicals besides High School Musical anyway? Oh dear, again.

Any more incredibly creative ideas? I sure could use them.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! If you had a surplus of kittens, you could give tham away as party favors! Seriously, I love a girl with original thankful you aren't having to plan something around Hannah Montana or High School Musical! BTW, my girls would totally get all the references to the movie; don't know about Pooh's friends, but if they aren't as familiar with the movie as she is, they'll leave wanting to watch it.

almostgotit said...

How cute... bread and jam instead of cake! The disappointed children are probably ruined forever by Hannah Montana anyway, so can't be helped. The more interesting children will find the whole whacky thing very refreshing and fun. I wouldn't overthink it or ruin yourself with planning and attempts to upgrade (unless you really WANT to make strudel)... go with the fun, the silliness, and Poohbear's wishes.

truevyne said...

Kat and Almost,
Couldn't ask for better encouragement to let the girl be who she is.
Throwing birthday caution to the wind...

At A Hen's Pace said...

I'm probably too late... How did it go?

In case it isn't over, though, how about watching a scene or two with the guests to get them in the mood?


truevyne said...

We'll watch the goat puppet show!

John said...

I love that musical! I sing my baby girl the song Eidelweiss often. That and Skullcrusher Mountain.

But I'd leave out the Nazi uniforms. Seriously. Could be taken the wrong way. I mean, look at what happened to Prince Harry when he dressed up in a SS uniform.

You should also have like, cannolis to eat. And every partygoer should come to your daughter on a bended knee, kiss his hand, and ask for a favor on the day of her daughter's wedding. Make a cake shaped like a horse's head.

Wait -- am I thinking of the same movie? I forget. It's been a while since I've seen The Sound of Music.