Thursday, November 12, 2009

Call the Law

People have their own bus woes, like my friend whose daughter was hit by a car driven by an inattentive young lady on her cellphone after exiting her bus.  Now I have mine.

Day one of my children riding the bus to public school bus led me to chat with the boys about sitting in the front by the driver.  They naively explained how the first day, one boy on the bus screamed and yelled out as the bus drove.  Wise One, who heeds my advice, extolled my wisdom when the second day, Tater, who does not necessarily think I know anything whatsoever, got slapped in the face by the screamer- because he was not in the front of the bus with Wise One.  Buck went to talk with the school and sadly was placated by a administrative assistant.  I, however, have been waiting for the troubled young man to blow it big.  My only hope was that it wouldn't involve my children, but unfortunately, it did.  Tater and Wise One came home with another crazy tale involving extremely dangerous behavior on the bus and in class.  Last night, I was making my plan to go sit in the school office this morning until  I could get a resolution when my cell phone rang.  I found myself speaking to the principal and listening as my son spoke with her.  I explained how fearful both boys were about things said, and how I trusted the school was handling the situation, since she was calling.  I was impressed by her forthright nature and sensitivity.

"I asked your son to report any problems to me before things reach this point again," she guided.

"My husband came to intervene two weeks ago and was simply told to have our children not be friends with the child. I'm sure you have had many interactions with this young man and his family and understand the depth of his issues," I responded.

I heard the regret and a touch of anger in her voice, "No, mam.  I am sorry to say that I have not as my staff has apparently been handling him.  I want you to know how sorry I am, and that this is not acceptable to me."

I ended by telling her we were prayerful and cautious about the situation as the boy lives a few streets away.
She must have called the police to file a report, because the police came over later.  The gentlemen were sweet and assured the children of our safety.  Nothing like uniformed men showing up unannounced to spark a little insecurity.  Golly, I was glad my house was tidy.

Before bed, I could see something in Tater's eyes which is rarely there- gratitude.  The terrible fear of trust associated reactive attachment disorder was stirred up for him, and he watched me handle it all with grace on his behalf.


Anonymous said...

this brings back bad memories...even I, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, managed to get in fights on the school bus. My very ugly but very sturdy Tupperware lunchbox became my weapon of choice, if you can believe it. And this was in elementary school... Most bus drivers just can't deal with discipline AND drive safely...and they can't stop the bus everytime there's a disruption. Is there any alternative for transportation??

truevyne said...

Two, I only wish! I'm getting my kids all toughened up for when I get a job...soon.

almostgotit said...

Wow, True, I'm so glad you had such help and support from your principal and by the police! How encouraging. *I* spent a couple hours today talking to a coordinator with "Safe Kids Coalition" -- they wanted to meet with me since we had the accident. They've JUST BEGUN a major school bus safety campaign. They are doing a wonderful, multi-pronged job. However? We, too, are currently dealing with a bus bullying situation -- a mean group of kids run the bus, abuse everyone else, and among other things won't allow other children, including my daughter, to SIT DOWN. THe bus driver? He listens to the radio and keeps driving..)