Friday, May 14, 2010

Really. Challenging. Week.  But I've made it to Friday and am home enjoying what I'd hope to keep a very simple life and home.  Nothing like explaining and helping my children through real life drama. I expect a call from Jerry Springer any moment, but I promise not to answer the phone. At the end of the day, I feel like justice wins.  It's not always like that, but I will take it when it's offered.
And on a completely different note..

In the ordinary, I am taking a class on parables offered by a gentle teacher.  This week we studied the weeds and the wheat.  It's probably been there all the time for others, but some meaning went deep inside me as we pondered. 

1.  The wheat, God's people, could not withstand to be near the weeds being uprooted and destroyed in the days before harvest.  Somehow, this might destroy the good in us.  Could we bear to see evil ripped away without it hurting us to see it happen?  Wouldn't we question the goodness of the One who made us if we had to watch full on justice?   In His great gentleness, He allows both good and evil to come to harvest and does the sorting in the end. 

2. Sometimes evil and good look so very similar.  IOver time, this similarity will be one day be undone with the bearing of fruit.

3.   This parable shows us suffering is best gone through rather than avoided.

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