Thursday, December 07, 2006

Adoption Day

A portion of an adoption poem by Monica Palmer concerning a portait of a family painted by God:

He blended dark shadows with subtle hues of Gold.
Using the richest colors, a picture began to unfold.
One very special child, two fathers and two mothers.
The image began taking shape with such beautiful colors.

Splashes of Love outlined colors of Pain.
Shades of Joy and Sadness
were mixed throughout the Picture,
among Stripes of Sorrow and Gladness.

The Portrait was finally complete,
He gently framed it with His Heart
He hung it in the Halls of Faith
. . .A Priceless Work of Art.

I see these things in you my son.

Splashes of love outlined in colors of pain
You are a child who knows exactly what it means to be deeply cherished and yet feels deep hurt all in the same breath.
Shade of joy and sadness
Noone I know abounds in delight like you, but I still notice the grey of mourning doves peeking out from behind the glowing light in your eyes.
Stripes of sorrow and gladness
Evidence of scarring remind me your fragile heart has been wounded, yet I observe giggles, wide smiles, all out laughter mixed into each new day.

A priceless work of art
Nothing compares to you. No glorious painting, no beautiful sonnet, no perfect song comes close the pearl of great price I have in you.

I see you.
I know you.
And I love you.

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unquenchableworshipper said...

There are so many things about you Tator, that are just so easy to love, your smile, your moments of incredible selflessness, The way you are your little sisters greatest ally..and biggest annoyance all wrapped up in one. There are parts of you, that I just haven't quite figures out yet, That seem foreign to me, but as the words of the David Wilcox song say
"you have a whole heart, give me the hard part, I can love that too"

Even when outwardly, you are shunning me, at the moments of frustration, I know your deepest desire is to climb into my lap and let me hold you. And we share that desire.

I am priveleged to be your father,
I am lucky to have you as a son.