Thursday, December 11, 2008

I asked Buck for permission to post this. He doesn't mind the enormous amount of humor I find in his idiosyncrasies.

A few nights ago at 2:18 a.m., Buck bolted upright in the bed. Then he dashed to the bathroom. I soon after heard some loud thuds and I called out, "Buck?"

When he didn't answer I collected my sleepy self and lunged in the dark toward the bathroom calling, "Buck?" again more urgently.

Was he's unconscious? Should I wake up the kids and drag his body to our van? Should I just call 911? At this point he weakly answered, "Yeah?"
I got to the bathroom door and found him standing up looking mighty confused. He rubbed a red spot on his head.

"Did you faint, love?" I asked.
"I think so," he muttered.
"Do you understand why?"
"Can you explain it to me?"

To enjoy and appreciate his answer, you must understand that Buck is not a fan of medical procedures. In fact, the thought of taking his blood pressure renders him incapacitated. He's also passed out entirely while having a simple x-ray.

So, why did he lose conciousness in the bathroom a few nights ago?

He sheepishly replied, "Well, I dreamed I was having a severe medical problem, so I ran to the bathroom to make sure it was just a dream. But I was probably thinking too much about the medical problem, so I felt light-headed..."

Don't worry. Buck is totally able to man-up when push comes to shove when the kids or I am hurt. This happens only when he's considering, even dreaming of the effects of treatment on himself.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he didn't get the hemochromatosis gene like his brother. He would have had to endure many tests, including weekly blood-letting!
Glad to know he's ok though - especially w/the family heart history!!!
Love you!
Auntie S

Anonymous said...

Hi friend. I guess I totally flaked out and forgot the Sound of Music party. Please forgive me. I hope it was wonderful!
Deb C.

Lora said...

oh that's good stuff. =)

Lora said...
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