Friday, September 11, 2009

This is a dark time for me, but I can't blog the details. I'll save those for another time. However, I got an encouragement yesterday from a dear friend, Ella. I called her for support, and she came through the way she always does. She told me a timely story about needing to open a gate to a field which has not been bush hogged in a long while. She first sent her son to chop down the overgrowth with a long sharp tool. He began the work but needed to get on the road to college leaving her to finish the job. Ella took that tool and wielded it like nobody's business over the waist high grass. She noticed the vines creeping and intending to swallow up the grass in order to swipe it's potential for life. She began to cry out to God with her grumbles and complaints with terrible force as she hacked down the wild vegetation. God beckoned her quiet her heart and to listen closely. As she stepped on and held the stalks low with her knee to slice, God gave her a picture.

"The way you are bending that grass and holding it is how I'd like for you to pray for the saints. Cover them, throw yourself over them and protect them in prayer from the weeds, the enemies, who intend to devour. The saints need you."

I know that's what she is doing for me, Ella and others. I need it so. Not every moment, but mostly I feel a peace, knowing though things are not all right now, they will be.

I am a woman with great hope.


Hope said...

I will be praying for you today.
I went through an unbloggable period earlier this summer. Not sure I will ever share it on the blog but I believe other people praying for me made a difference.
I wouldn't sign up for the pain again and neither would I trade the incredible personal growth that came as a result of that pain.
Peace be with you.
I don't say that lightly.
This summer, during one of the worst days, the Scripture reading at Mass was about the disciples being behind a locked door because they were afraid of the Jews, when Jesus appeared to them and said, "Peace be with you." Instantly I heard in my heart that even though I had closed the door of my heart because I was afraid, that door did not stop Jesus from coming to me and saying, "Peace be with you." I took great comfort in being reminded that my locked heart did not stop Jesus from ministering to me.

For the Shephard said...

I have been praying God's covering and protection for you all since we talked.
Love and Blessings