Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Hidden under forty-two Russian emails, I got an email I've been waiting for over a week with wild anticipation. It's a single paragraph requiring a banker's signature which held up a loan on a new residence for the Vyne family. We are moving back to civilization though it's not what I want to do. Sometimes it comes down to choices on behalf of others, like my children, that require me to step out of my own will and allow what needs to happen. Our bank is working on closing for tomorrow. Local friends, get your grungies ready for some serious cleanin' and paintin'. This new old house is a fixer upper for sure.
I can't publicize the name of my new road on my blog, but let's just say, it makes me giggle.
I'll be working on making my soon to be suburban home in a neighborhood (cough, gasp, wheeze, take a deep breath) into a place of peace and rest. Is that possible? Any tips out there in bloggerland?

Update: The unknown banker musta had some sort of mad and felt coerced into signing the document, so he:
1. only used his initials
2. did not sign on the seller's line
3. did not date his signature

All of which make the document invalid. I can't imagine this man's disposition when he is asked to resign something he's irked about already. So, it's back to my unfavorite game of "when will the banker decide to sign [correctly]?"


Scott Lyons said...

Congratulations. : )

No great tips from me about making suburbia a place of peace and rest. I would fill it with icons and crucifixes, beautiful art (none of which I have), a place and time to pray, and flowers - potted and planted. And don't neglect books and good food.

Of course, your peace is within you.

Peace and grace be with you and your family, True.

truevyne said...

Scott, I will take your advice. Especially the good food part...grin.

Anonymous said...

Er...was just getting ready to send you sth via snail mail. I trust it will be forwarded or should I wait to get your new address in a personal message on fB or email?
As to a peaceful home...less stuff=more peace. I'm still working on this one in my urban dwelling that's 8 stories up!

truevyne said...

Heather, you would have lots to tell me in keeping a simple home. I'll send you my new addy via FB.

almostgotit said...

Thinking of you! And good to catch the latest. It's now the 9th -- that banker comin' up with anything yet??

truevyne said...

Almost, still now word from our ticked off banker.