Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Try to hold back the snickers.  Yes, she's very RED.  Yes, she's awfully odd and awkward for a house. She has lots and lots of work to be done on her.

I'm calling her Clifford, Clifford the Big Red House.  If the stars in the heavens align properly, and the unknown banker will allow, we'll buy her Thursday.

Then I'll have to relearn civilization, how to be a friendly neighbor instead of a scowling recluse- that kind of thing.  Wish me luck.


Hope said...

I was just thinking today that if we ever live in a house I would like either red or blue. I love that colour of red.

Anonymous said...

What I love are the windows. I'd make the most of them to make it a bright house. I'm sure by our next visit (2 years?) it'll be transformed by your magic, but simple decorating touch. by the way, please tell Pooh Bear that my #1 son says horse vaulting looks TOO DANGEROUS! :)

truevyne said...

Hope, thanks for your thoughts. I'm sure Clifford is proud of her color.

And Two,
I can't wait for your visit, and Clifford will surely be beautiful by then.

And #1 son may just be right, but what is a brave heart supposed to do?

amber(life the way i see it) said...

Congrats true. So you are leaving the farm. Where will the goats stay?

truevyne said...

Goat have new homes. We are putting the farm up for sale. sigh. gonna miss it, but I'll still have a garden and hens in a chicken tractor.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you'll still have your beloved garden!

Love you & Miss you!!
Auntie S

John said...

What an awesome house!