Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things I've forgotten

1.  Dogs eat poop.
2.  Puppies don't sleep through the night, just like babies.
3.  Puppies need to be taken outside a million times a day and night for potty training.
4.  Puppies don't naturally match your pace when running.  They must be trained to heel.
5. Puppies lick everything.
6.  Puppies chew everything.
7.  Puppies want constant attention.
8.  Dogs look dead when they sleep.

It's quite alright that I'd forgotten these things.  Just makes me remember baby days with my children and be thankful for the conclusion.  I'm altogether grateful for my new dog.

Hagrid is a gift.  While some dogs are hyper, this one is docile and obedient with a sweet disposition.  He's definitely not the alpha.  Hagrid is a rescue 4 or 5 month old laberdoodle- something my children insisted would never be found, "Mom, it is a designer dog.  Why would anyone abandon a laberdoodle?"  I faithfully quoted, "God will give me just the dog I need without having to buy one from a dog dealer for lots of money. I expect a dog will walk right up to our front door.  That way I'll know it's mine."  It didn't happen just like that, but he did come from a rescue.

I am already in love and won't take for granted my loyal friend.


Livvy said...

Oh, I love the way labradoodles look! Congratulations!

truevyne said...

Thanks, Liv! I know you are a dog person too.