Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can you tell I've been inattentive to my blog?

Lately, everything I'd like to write passionately about is far too private, and I can't find a satisfying code to write in like I usually do.

And I'm still working on my writing projects for publication, so I don't have a writing jones to work out here.

But I'd like to keep up with my blog as a bit of a diary, so here are some brief highlights of our week.

It was the once a year homeschool testing time at our satellite school. I loaded up three canvas bags of calculators, number 2 pencils, books to read, water bottles, and snacks which I dropped off with my boys into a classroom and drove away. For three days in a row, and I got to do whatever I fancied for three consecutive hours. I had to wonder what other mothers who do not homeschool do with all that precious "in school time"? The first testing day, Buck took Pooh Bear and I went to an impromptu lunch with Meredith Lee. Always a treat. We dropped in to see her husband at his new Tribe One building afterwards. Her husband, Woody and I worked together for years making the three of us close knit friends. And we were once intentional neighbors in the hood before the burbs and now the farm.

I suddenly realized that while I'd kept up with Meredith Lee over the last three years, I have not visited with Woody at all. We scheduled and met later in the week to catch up and for me to let him look over my work, much of which he taught me. Did you know Woody and Meredith Lee are two of my heroes? I've blogged about ML's ability to look directly inside me and speak out with tremendous accuracy the path on which I'm created to be. She is the rare woman who shares her talents lavishly simply to build others up. Woody inspires me with his life and work bringing together diverse communities. This is a man who makes a difference. Check out Woody's to be wowed by a way to change the world for the better. Imagine a city councilman who considers it a privilege to mentor inner city youth away from gang life into a life of purpose- "Nothing stops a bullet like a job".

The second day of testing, Pooh Bear and I visited the mall for the third time ever in her five year old life. We looked at puppies in the pet store and explored every last inch of Claire's Boutique. I did have to fake a smile to endure all that pink and sequins. The next day, she and I ate lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant, but I did not have to conjure the silly stuffed grin spread across my face which always accompanies chicken picatta with capers.

Friends with SIX boys (who could ever be that blessed?) invited us Friday through Saturday to a hotel with an indoor waterslide in Pigeon Forge, and now I'm exhausted upon return from all that wonderful chaos.

Hope your weekend has been as full of fun so far.


curious servant said...

Thank you for your comment.

unquenchableworshipper said...

Your weekend sounds remarkably like mine!

Kate said...

What a wonderful weekend - and three cheers to you for getting that testing done and out of the way.

So tell me, is it true that the pet stores in the mall have sick puppies? I keep hearing this or read about it being that way. And are they really that expensive? I've only been to the local animal shelter so I don't know what's in store for me if I did go into a mall pet store...

truevyne said...

Dear Kate,
Puppies, like babies are susceptable to illness. All need to vaccinated for things like Parvo. The puppies didn't look sick at all at this store, and I reckon any mall pet store worth it's snuff, sends those puppies back to the handler.
And, yes, some puppies were expensive- I'm talking between $500-$1,000.
Your best bet if you are in the market for a dog is to do a little "sniffing around" (pun inteneded) to see what breed you'd like. The smaller the breed- the more yappy. Smaller dogs live longer. Different breeds suit different people. If you want a family dog, I'd go for a Lab, Blue Healer, or a Springer Spaniel. I don't want any Labs around here, because they're bred to catch birds and they'd mess with my free range chickens.
And if you can, go to a rescue organization. There are plenty of healthy adoptable pups out there and these folks can find you any breed.

Kate said...

I'm all about the rescue places or animal shelters for adopting a dog.
Ironic though that I should have mentioned this yesterday as today on our local news, about 8 mall pet stores here are under quarantine. (
Poor puppies...
I did not realize you had free range chickens! What a blessing!