Wednesday, March 01, 2006

little girl fear

This morning an hour before dawn, my five year old Pooh Bear came running to my bed, "Mommy, I'm having a bad dream" which is code for "I'm getting in bed with you." However, like the excellent mother I am, I have been bribing her with Polly Pockets for the last few weeks to break the cycle of never actually sleeping the whole night through in her own bed. Buck even mentioned last night how pleased he was with my bribes; he happens to be very fond of cuddling me instead of pushing his little girl's feet out of his face all night. This early morning something seemed different than other sneaks into my bed. I took Pooh Bear in my arms thinking up encouraging Polly Pocket words, but before I could speak she told me, "An old scary woman is coming out of a tree, and I can't make her stop." "Let's pray and ask God to stop her" I soothed, we did so, but Pooh Bear burrowed into my chest and whined, "It's not working. She's still there." I took another tack, "Let's think about ballerinas putting on their pink tights, pink leotards, pink shoes, pink tutu's and dancing all over a stage. Now they want to change their clothes into all blue and be fairies. They run in all different directions and jump in to a cool pool of water..." Pooh Bear started crying a little. I decided maybe instead of talking to her, I should engage her, "What color is Olivia?" "White" Pooh Bear forces out. "What kind of animal is she?" "Pig. " "What color are her clothes?" I asked. Pooh Bears cries intensified "Red." "Where does Olivia like to go sometimes?" Pooh Bear started screaming and clinging to me, "Mommy, I'm so scared! The old lady won't go away! I need Daddy! Where's my daddy?" She'd never been like this before. It was as if she couldn't wake up but she wasn't not asleep. I grabbed the phone and startled at a shadowy figure in the doorway. Startling was not what Pooh Bear needed from me. It was Peace who spoke in a sleepy and concerned voice, "Why'd you jump Mom? What's wrong with Pooh Bear? Pooh Bear, do you need Patches? I'll go get him." Bless this boy's heart. Patches the cat personally hung the moon for Peace, and he's just plain sure Pooh Bear will be comforted by Patches' compassionate feline presence. I answer,"You frightened me buddy. Turn on the light, please so I can dial the phone. Daddy is at work." Pooh Bear shouted into the phone, "Help me, Daddy. Come here Daddy! I need you right now!" I vaguely heard Buck over her wails speaking in a gentle way on the other end of the line, "I'll be home in the afternoon, sweetie. Mommy is right there. She'll take care of you." I wondered what Buck thought about this hysteria as I put the phone back on it's cradle. Pooh Bear announced through her sobs, "She goes away when the light is on!" Peace rushed to his room and carries in his latern flashlight for her to hold. I squeezed her tightly to my body as she clutched the latern. Her cries slowly began to fade and her breathing became even again while I prayed silently. Peace brought in two Care Bears, sat them beside her, and went back to bed. "Mommy, why don't angels come out?" Pooh asked peacefully. "They are always hiding and watching. Ready to battle." I replied. "Do they come out from hiding while I'm asleep?" she inquired. "If they need to." I whispered into her the back of her hair. "I want it to be light outside" she yawned. "Hear the birds chirping? It won't be long." Together we fell again to a better slumber where strong angels made themselves known to old ladies. This morning Pooh Bear told me so. "The old lady was watching crocodiles. The angels made her go back inside her tree. And you came over to me and we both held BIG swords." Good to know I have a BIG sword if I need it in my own dreams. I felt like I had front row seats to a Psalm I dearly love-
The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?


unquenchableworshipper said...

I am so glad the light made the old lady go away. I'm going to talk to her angel's supervisor.

Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your little one's bad dreams.
But you wrote is so beautifully. The last line summed it up so perfectly.

Scott said...

It makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it? My children have given me the heebie-jeebies with their absolute sincere earnestness about troubling visions or even simple comments.

truevyne said...

Dear Un, Kate and Scott,
Dreams can be so vivid. Thanks for listening, and if you have advice I'LL TAKE IT.

Kate said...

I don't know if my advice is any good because dreams are so mysterious! But when one of my daughters had a series of bad dreams, I would read the sweetest charming books to her before bed or talk about something so magical like princesses and fairys and flowers and rainbows before bed... It seemed to help with sweet thoughts right before she went into La La Land!

I don't know if that's advice though! Just some experiment that worked a few times thus far!

truevyne said...

Dear Kate,
It is good advice. We almost always read Olivia, Too Many Pumpkins, and Barnyard Dance before bed every night lately. Dont' ask me why she's hooked on these, but I like them so, I don't mind. Nothing scary in these, but I think it puts her mind in a good la la place mostly. I'll keep it up.