Friday, May 26, 2006


As Buck and I were drifting off to sleep after a rousing Sudoku race (he won as usual), when a loud scuffle outside our door ripped us out of rest back to conciousness. Buck rose to his feet as I murmured, "Could be the cats after Zippo the gerbil."

Yep. Our two cats often aid in Zippo's capture in this noisy way. Honestly, the cats know this guy is our pet; though they give great chase and carry him in their mouths, fortunately they never eat him. Buck joined Patches and Janet on the hunt and caught the little furry creature in the laundry room. Touching a rodent is never an option for me, so I am grateful Buck was home to do the job.

Buck woke up Peace up to share the good news. So neighbors, rejoice with us, we have found our gerbil which was lost.


Twin Squeaks Gerbils said...

Congratulations! I'm glad Zippo made it home okay!

Steven said...

I dont blame the cats. Guinea pigs aren't good eats.

To answer your question, I didn't take the exam. Im taking it in July.

truevyne said...

Twin, thanks.
Steven, Ihave to agree that rodents of any kind don't make good eats. Good luck on the exam.

Mom to Four said...

Ahhh.. do you recall the hamster that our Muffin chased down the hall in the wee hours of the night?? Only to have the poor hampster die anyway - probably of a heart attack???