Friday, May 12, 2006

Thinking over my latest blog entries, I'm thinking I should subtitle my blog something like

The Chicken Diaries, Gardening, and Sundry Book Recommendations

Today's entry will be no different. We borrowed Messenger by Lois Lowry on tape for the family's ride to and from Nashville, and the boys and I loved it. However, a very worn out five year old Pooh Bear couldn't get into the beautiful metaphorical tale, so she fell asleep.

It's a story about a healing place called Village next to Forest. The main character, Maddie, fled there as a neglected and surly street child and was taken in by Seer, a blind man. Seer and Village loved the boy into his true being as a boy, not perfect, but with a special beautiful gift.

Two conflicts add intrigue to the story- trading and whether or not to close Village. Trading is a meeting Seer refuses to attend where villagers ask for something and secretly trade for it. Maddie's friend, Ramone and his family traded for a gaming machine which Maddie envies. Mentor, the town's teacher keeps trading for something and is mysteriously changing. The villagers involved in trading are seeking Leader to close Village's border from welcoming new folks fleeing from death.

My mind went a thousand different directions while listening. What do I secretly trade for? Do I trade computer time for a reading a story book with my daughter? Do I trade community for privacy? Do people of America somehow trade something of beauty on the inside for cosmetic surgery? Do I walk away from rough people, because they are too damaged? What about immigration to the U.S.? What are illegals fleeing?

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