Sunday, February 04, 2007

Helen and I paid an unexpected visit to 1983 this evening.

I called her to catch up. We were going to meet for lunch tomorrow, but she'd rather not eat out with a flu leper.

So, Helen and I found ourselves on the phone with one another watching Prince on television while he crooned Purple Rain in a pretty long coat in the exact same fashion he used to do before either of us could drive.

Helen and I spent far too many of our teen hours on the phone with one another in the same manner watching Prince on MTV, wasting away our youth.

I have to admit, he's still got it going on after twenty-two years. Wasn't his beautiful name symbol guitar all that? And the lit up marching band back-up rocked.

Come to think of it, Helen and I still got it going on as well. You should see us dance.


Thicket Dweller said...

I wish I would have seen it. I have to admit...Prince still does it for me, too.

truevyne said...

LOL, Thicket.