Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here's a truth I stumbled upon in the busyness of my yesterday in a little breather I took sneaking in a very few minutes of Oprah.

True forgiveness is when one can say a heart felt, deep, and sincere "Thank you" to the person by whom one was hurt. A thank you that says, "The experience you gave me made a better person in some way." Here are some lessons which could be learned in forgiveness- I'm stronger, I can help others through the same situation by knowing what they'll need, I am more complete, I'm wiser, I'm not as fragile as I thought, I humbled, I don't want to things or people for granted, I'm no longer afraid.

At everyone's core is a vulnerable human. It's our job to preserve the dignity of that humanity in all we know and meet by offering our forgiveness and love.

God help me. I fall so short.

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