Saturday, February 03, 2007

She's a Fighter

Pooh Bear astonishes me. Her pie pan sparkling eyes and dainty flower smile don't fool me, because I am her mother. She's a fighter- knock down, drag out, kicking and screaming fighter.
On top of the flu, she has a raging sinus infection which makes her cough. Alot. She coughed a good deal in the night and is plumb exhausted today. Her response to a fever, sore throat, sick tummy? To quote her as I have heard many times in the past few days, "I DON'T WANT TO BE SICK!" In the early hours of the morning, I tried settling her with calming words, "Lie very still. Rest sitting up on my shoulders and the pillows. When you move it shakes all that yuck around inside you and make you cough more. Relax." At this suggestion she responded in quite an unladylike manner. She kicked her legs and shouted, "I...DON'T...LIKE...COUGHING. Grrrrr!" Buck took a unsuccessful stab at a story with pink ponies as a distraction to which she growled, "Argghhh. ." and "I don't LIKE the taste of that medicine!"

Over the last few days, she's got her daddy carrying her long body around the house like a rag doll. I'm not much help as my nagging cough turned into chills, fever, sweats, aches everywhere, and troubled breathing. Peace and Wise One also have symptoms now though not as severe as Tater.

Buck took Pooh Bear to the doctor and returned home bearing gifts of X-0-Force legos for the bored boys and yet another pink pony for the miserable girl.

Mom, did I ever kick and yell, "I don't LIKE having the flu!"? Did you try to tell me, "That's the wrong kind of fighting. Breathe deeply. Look for peace to fight this thing" and that "It simply takes time to heal"? I know it now, Ma. I know it now.


~m2~ said...


peace and blessings to the vyne home.

truevyne said...

Thank you.