Thursday, September 27, 2007

As a mother, I am not fond of this time of year. While I loved Halloween, witches, and ghosts as a child, my children do not.

Since Wise One was very small, he's been particularly sensitive to the store decorations for Halloween. At about five years old, I dragged the boy into a black and orange decked out Party City to buy some paper plates for a party, and five years later, he still remembers the experience with terror.

Pooh Bear, who was riding with Buck in another car, watched me dash into Walgreens two nights ago. Last night, she woke up crying hysterically saying, "I saw those ugly terrible faces in the drug store swallow you up."

Tater got creeped out around midnight, because he couldn't get the bloody costumes out of his mind that he saw in the newspaper sales flyer earlier in the day. He slept on the floor on my room.

I'm mad, because it isn't even October yet. We have more than an entire month left to go of avoiding stores and living through nightmares with my six year old. Even the creepy blow up smiling skeletons at Wal-mart do her in.

Honestly, I wish Halloween would be replaced with fall festivals of pumpkins, hayrides, and scarecrows. Anyone else feel the same?


Scott Lyons said...

Here, here. Our family finds it disturbing as well.

It seems to me, and perhaps I'm just losing my mind, that the costumes and decorations have taken a clear turn toward all things macabre. Rubber masks that, invariably, are losing an eyeball or a pint of blood and have, at best, had irregular dental appointments seem to have the day.

John said...

Kids are really sensitive to violence. I remember when I was 5 my parents and I were at a Sears in the electronics department. I wandered off and looked at one of the display TVs. It was showing Star Wars. It played the scene toward the end when Darth Vader killed Obi-Wan Kenobi. I started screaming when Obi-Wan died. Never before had I seen a person killed.

But now, I see that kind of TV violence all the time and don't blink and eye. I've become desensitized to it. I just have to remember that kids are not adults and should be treated differently.

truevyne said...

Dear John,
Wouldn't it be best if we somehow could keep that sensitivity as adults? I definately don't have it anymore.

truth said...

My children were especially sensitive too. I wish we could find another way to celebrate the fall season too. Bring on Thanksgiving!

kddub said...

yeah some of those things have gotten so ugly.