Friday, January 04, 2008

Homeschool Pet Peeves

This week contains all my homeschool pet peeves.

1. I've a cold- the kind where I cannot breathe at night and wake up a hundreds times snorting through a mouth as dry as the Sahara. It's also accompanied by a nice dull head ache and a dire need for a large amount of tissue. I hate getting out of bed in the morning, because I haven't slept well in the first place, but I'm not ill enough to call it quits entirely.

I have the only homeschooling children in the world who are average and not incredible self starters, so I am forced to crack the whip with little to no energy behind it. So, surprisingly I come across as somewhat lazy and grumpy to my less than eager students.

I do not like to homeschool on days I don't feel well.

2. We pay big bucks for an online school which had trouble loading for several hours yesterday. I called for tech support and worked on my computer with a young man on the phone for an hour. He recommended I call my server and work with them also. I did so for another hour. It took 3 hours to get school up and running. I don't understand how one day things work fine, and the next, it takes hours to load a dang website. Someone obviously changed something which dumbfounded my computer, but no one can take responsibility. Computer problems of the same nature happened last year at this same time.

I do not like technical problems which stop the school day.

3. My children lose their school books. I can't tell you how frustrating this predicament is for me. Each child of mine has colored coded books with a particular colored painter's tape on the spine of each book. Each child has color coded baskets of the same color and specific spots on the shelf for books, so disorganization cannot be blamed on me as the cause. Over Christmas holiday my daughter's math book grew legs, and Wise One's composition book may never have been delivered. Sometimes I spend an excruciating hour in he middle of the day grudgingly searching high and low for some one's missing reader.

I abhor lost homeschool books.

Anything bother you in particular about schooling- home or not?


Scott Lyons said...

Hey, if you call it quits, I'm calling it quits too.

Even though my wife and second daughter went back to school yesterday, I've decided to take the rest of the week off. (1) I'm sick and therefore have a headache. (2) I don't feel like it. My kids are reluctant as well. (3) I am trying to install some basic shelves for curriculum and materials and the project, as simple as it is, is whupping me.

Hang in there.

unquenchableworshipper said...

You forgot to mention that your husband/principal was scheduled to work 10 hours on his day off today.

truevyne said...

I heartily encourage time off after the holidays as teacher organzition days. However, I have that "get done before May" goal, so that I will have time to obsess about my garden!

And Buck,
What's new about 10 hours of work on your day off? I'm used to it, dear.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Let's see. Right now I'm annoyed that my girlfriends get to have "lunch" while their kids are at school, and I cannot come because mine are always with me. Mind you, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but lunch with the girls would be SO NICE.

I get annoyed at packing the kids lunches on Fridays for co-op. Not having to pack lunches is a GREAT benefit of homeschooling!

And for the record, I hate homeschooling when I'm sick too. Hope you feel well soon.

truevyne said...

Thanks for the well wishing. I do feel better. And I do not like to pack lunches either. I don't have to pack even one day this year, but next year I may.
My girlfriends have lunch too, but I find that less appealing than these short years I'm afforded with my children at home.