Friday, January 04, 2008

Outspoken on Culture

It's all in fun, right? On New Year's Eve I learned Soulja Boy Crank Dat Superman dance. Knowing it's rap, I came home and googled the lyrics. Oops! I was mistaken that "Hooooo" wasn't a "Hey, Ho" songy thing, it was a Hoe thing. My bad. Also I wasn't impressed with the few obligatory "bitch" mentions. Then I took a few lyric phrases to

Let me spare you the pain.


are phrases with urban meanings so defiling to women that I wouldn't dream of staying in the same room the next time I hear dat Soulja Boy crank. If a person is inclined to dismiss these images as part of rap, then consider any of these actions happening to any woman or girl you know and love. Don't get me wrong. Rap has important raw stories to tell. However, the stories should not be at the expense of women.

Who was I kidding? My children heard about the song from their friends at church. Laugh if you like, but I assumed it was a Christian group at first. I learned the dance from a bunch of eleven year old girls at a New Year's Eve party, for heaven's sake.

I believed if children were listening and dancing to this music, their parents certainly had checked it out though I hadn't. Shame on me.

As far as I'm concerned, any person who participates in that song in any way sets back women, and yes, humanity thousands of years. Aint' no way any person considering her or himself a feminist or humanitarian could bear to stay silent. So I speak.


unquenchableworshipper said...

As a songwriter, I was aggrivated by how such a poorly written song, both lyrically and musically could be such a hit.
It reminds me of this

Now that I know the meaning of the lyrics, I will cringe even more.
Nice research Sherlock Home Girl


Anonymous said...

I had no idea! B

truevyne said...

My friend T told me to NOT to try urban dictionary. She's was right that I'd be mortified.

Amber(Homeschool Diva) said...

Oh my word. Of course, I had to you tube it and Google just to find out what in the heck you where talking about.

Yowza, I think I will go back and live under my rock and keep my kids there with me!