Thursday, January 17, 2008

Six Words

Here are some words at present I could live without in the English language. My middle son has worn them out with his constant use.


As in: "SWEET! That band is AWESOME! You're a SPAZ,DUDE, if you don't like them. It's so STUPID and AWKWARD that they aren't touring in Knoxville."

Am I raising a surfer or something? What's come over that child?


truth said...

I so understand you desire to remove them.

This morning I was about to delete your blog from my favorites. I have had so much trouble when I go to your page. Do you have music loaded? I don't know what it is, but the last 6 times I've come to your page, my browser freezes, and I have to shut down everything. It is maddening. It has only happened on your blog so I am wondering if there is somehing like music loading that takes an incredibly long time that causes this problem. I love reading, but have avoided it because of this problem. I have no idea why this second try it didn't happen, but I was so glad I was able to comment. I did a search to find your profile to see if you had an email I could try, but didn't find anything. Anyway, I hope you can figure out the problem so I can keep reading. Has anyone else mentioned this?

Kat said...

I have the solution: groovy. 2008 is the year I'm bringin' back groovy. It's a great word, and appropriate response to nearly anything. How could such a great word have ever fallen out of favor? (Of course, according to my kids, the very fact that I'm saying it makes it the uncoolest word ever.) But I've recruited a surpising number of supporters. Help me bring back groovy, and maybe we can crowd out some of your "five".

truevyne said...

Dear Truth,
Noone has mentioned this before. I don't have music. I am sorry it's so difficult. I don't even know what I could do to fix it, being slightly computer illiterate. If you ever want to email it's:
truevyne at aol dot com (no spaces, of course).

Groovy it is!

unquenchableworshipper said...

Maybe its because our computer is soooo slow..its contagious ..

I forget ..did you mention the word "Sucks"? because it would be so awesomely sweet if he never said that one again.


truevyne said...

When you use the word "sucks", it so, like, awkward and stupid. I didn't want to put a cuss word on my blog.

Kate said...

hahahah! this all sounds familiar. sweet. sweet. sweet. sweet. sweet.

so, i started to say "sour". and opposites to whatever the adjective is for the day. big b and i end up finding ourselves laughing together.

i'm with kat - let's bring back "far out"!!! like totally. (do you remember "gag me with a spoon"? that one is a riot!)