Monday, July 21, 2008


He must have been 17 or 18 when I first met him six years ago or so- a young man who sang his heart out while he played the keyboard. I didn't know him well or for very long, but I did know when he led worship at my church, I connected with God at a deep level. Something about Jason's youth, his strong and honest voice, and his hardcore love of Jesus made him stand out to me like a red silk ribbon on a fancy Easter hat. He was the first I ever heard belt out "My Glorious", and I've never been pleased with any other artist who attempted, including Delirious. My sons were much younger then, and I didn't take the time to hope or pray that my children would turn out like Jason when they got older with all his gifted passion focused in worship. I thought of that just now- now that I know they'll never be able to meet him for themselves.

My world started spinning when I heard the newscaster say that Jason Hovater's life was being celebrated today after giving his life for his country as a soldier in Afghanistan. I couldn't get my breath for a moment taking in his pretty sweet wife, Jenna, as she talked confidently, no tears, about the incredible person of Jason.

Once I'd run into to the pair as they were working on landscaping outside the church with Jenna's dad. They practically dripped with sweat and were covered head to toe in dirt. Never the less, I could see adoration in Jason's eyes looking over at Jenna, but I didn't know they married until tonight. I knew she meant it when the newscaster said Jenna's young love for Jason would never die.


Jason Hovater is gone at the age of 24. I know for a fact that this one is heaven's gain and our loss. I'll be looking for you, Jason, on the other side. And it will be truly Glorious.


almostgotit said...

So sorry to hear, True.

truevyne said...

Thanks, Almost. I'm so sorry for those close friends and family. How do we deal with this thing called war, anyway?

mandy said...

wow. this is heart breaking... and encouraging. all at the same time.

you did a beautiful job of honoring his memory here. thank you for sharing with us.

truevyne said...

thanks, mandy.