Sunday, July 27, 2008


This morning I sat comfortably in my seat during worship at my church, while a man loaded and unloaded a shotgun into another congregation fifteen miles or so at a church down the same road. My son was warming up for his swim meet finals about three miles from the scene of this horrific crime. Maybe you heard about this on the news. Last I heard, one long-time usher deliberately put himself in the line of fire to protect and was killed. This evening, a 63 year old woman died from her wounds. Four more congregants were critically wounded. The children of the church were putting on some kind of musical on stage when the deadly shooting began. Pray for their little hearts, and for those who have lost or had a loved one seriously hurt.

And before it begins, but maybe it already has, I'd like to call for others not to criticize these folks have somehow or another gotten what they deserve. I'm begging for compassion and an outpouring of love to be the remedy for this heartbreak.


unquenchableworshipper said...

My heart hurts for these people.

tonia said...

i am so glad you are all okay....that's too close for comfort.

my heart breaks for the pain in this old world.

truevyne said...

Me too, Tonia.