Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kicking a very old habit

I've been strung out for all 14 years of my parenting on a consuming life-sucking habit. All my children have discovered my addiction and have slowly deconstructed me by abusing this weakness. It's not like I wanted to, but you know, it just felt like I was doing something. However, I was only feeding the growling monster of my obsession.

Hi, my name is Truevyne, I am a an arguing junkie. There. I've said it. I somehow believed that if I argued with my children, they would forsake their childish ways and step up to the maturity plate. Are you laughing at this ridiculous statement? I am now that I've been coming clean.

One of my children is a master of contention. In fact, his preschool teacher (and friend) informed me after his first day, that my son would either become a lawyer or lead some kind of rebellion. I've had a over a decade of perfecting my debating skills. Never the less, I find I am the loser every. single. time.

I've learned some incredibly valuable tools to kick my habit over the past few weeks.
Wanna know something about those tools?


unquenchableworshipper said...

arguing addict?

no you aren't! ha! says you!


Anonymous said...

I have an arguer in my house. I'll tell her to stop arguing and she'll say, "I'm not arguing." and I find myself saying "Yes you are" etc. Most of the time it is subtle....doesn't seem like arguing to a casual observer, just her sharing her point of view in a very reasonable manner...but I've gotten better at picking up on it when it is really arguing. Maybe I shoud lock the two of you in a room together!
College Kat

Anonymous said...

yeah, I wanna know.....where's the rest of the story?


truevyne said...

College Kat,
Just so you know, if you locked me a closet with her, she would NOT win. Grin.

And Dear Deb,
I'll try and finish the story for ya soon.