Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wise One and I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night. In a word?




And one more?


Did you watch? What was your favorite part? The little girl flying with the kite may have been mine. However, the people who operated the printing blocks and the modern dancers painting with their bodies on the scroll amazed me. And what about those 15,000 magnificent costumes? No doubt about it. This opening ceremony beats all for me.

And, oh! Doesn't it totally rock that a 41 year old American woman is contending for gold in the 50 Free? We're practically peers (except that she's a real live Olympian and I'm a pretend farmer mom). I wonder is she has four children?


unquenchableworshipper said...

No ..she only has a 2 year old daughter..
and 9 previous Olympic Medals.
So its not like she showed up off the goat farm to swim. And she spent almost as much on her nanny and masseuse as your hard-working husband makes in a year.
So, I'll take my low maintenance goat farmin' beauty over her any day!


Anonymous said...

That's funny...I was watching the men's relay team take the gold last night and at the same time I was thinking about all of your swimmers. Tell Tater I'll be watching for him in 2012! I'm an Olympic junkie. Friday night we had friends over, ordered Chinese food and watched the opening ceremonies. My favorite? The printing block people, and the flying torch guy. Although I don't think the torch lighter beat the all-time best, which was the archer in Barcelona. I had to find the clip of that on You Tube so my kids could see it. The fact that he only had one shot to pull it off is what still amazes me. Still, China was pretty impressive. My oldest is going there next June with her choir.
College Kat.

almostgotit said...

Aw, I missed them! 'spose the ceremonies are on YouTube somewhere?

truevyne said...

College, I'll tell him.

Almost, certainly it's somewhere on the internet. I'd check with the network first.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey, Enjoyed the Olympics, too, yet, I was devastated to learn the pretty little girl who flew around the BirdsNest singing, was only lip-singing. The young singer (who really sang) was NOT pretty enough to be seen by the World.
China isn't behind us at all! Sadly, they know Hollywood and it's standards. Artsy