Thursday, August 28, 2008

fan club

so, tonight i'm studying vocab with peace for a quiz tomorrow. he comes to the word
"coquette", and i ask, "peace, who's the flirtiest girl you know to help you remember the definition of this word?"

peace replies after some thought, "mom, I don't know any girls like that."

i internally grin, because he's not so cognizant of the feminine gender besides the ones he considers friends. i've been told by a few sweet older girls that he's so very obviously crush material, but i have my doubts. he does not try in any way to impress anyone. i'm red-faced to say it, and i socially die a little each time he does it; peace still makes a mourning dove bird calls with cupped hands when he's walking in public.

after another pause peace continued our conversation, "well, there is the peace fan club..."

"what?? what fan club? you have a fan club?"

"uh huh," he mutters.

i grill him with my eyes squinting and wagging my pointer finger, "come on. you are joking me,"

"no, i'm not. in honors physics there is a group of girls who call themselves peace's fan club," he defends himself.

get out! it could be some tortuous mean girl joke, which fortunately he'll totally miss, or peace has something girls like: a scientific mind.

we'll just see won't we?

maybe i should start sniffin' his backpack for perfume.


John said...

Wow. To be a teenage boy that has a fan club. Of girls. And here I couldn't even get a date until I was 22.

truevyne said...

john, moms probably shouldn't like fan clubs, right? i've don't have nay experience with this sort of thing...

almostgotit said...

Oh, I'm definitely in that kid's fan club, too.

Is your shift-key busted? :)

truevyne said...

You make me laugh-almost...

unquenchableworshipper said...

Did you mean..

"You make me laugh -person named Almost" ?


"You Almost make me laugh" ?

I think the 2nd one is funnier, almost. word verification is
"R Dad a Pee"

At A Hen's Pace said...


I keep forgetting to add you to my Bloglines, which I've been meaning to do because we seem to have much in common...especially now, with kids in public school for the first time!

I am doing it now!