Saturday, August 23, 2008

My son's high school English teacher, Ms. W. has been corresponding via email to parents. In her last email, she assured parents that we are not to be embarrassed of grammar mistakes when emailing with her. I arrogantly thought to myself, "Oh, brother. I'm a writer, and I can write simple emails without grammatical errors. Why is it so difficult for other parents?"

Then I ate crow. Big black feathers and all.

Ms. W. sent a reply to my email with the text I'd written still attached at the bottom. I felt the blood rise to my face as I examined the multitude of question marks strewn throughout my note to the teacher. Suddenly, I felt a need to explain to Ms. W. that I have absolutely no control over the misplaced punctuation- that my computer randomly inserts these questions marks, and it's not something I do to create literary intrigue and mystery.

A word to the wise: smugness never pays.


Anonymous said...

It's OK, once I missed a glaring typo in a cover letter for a job I was applying a proofreader! Another time I wrote a heartfelt thank-you letter to the Friends of the Library for their donation to cover a literacy program. Only I left the "r" out of friends. Yes, I very warmly thanked the Fiends of the Library. And spellcheck won't catch that, because it's a real word! Fortunately I did catch that one before I mailed it.

truevyne said...

too funny!