Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buck explained to me that high school tomorrow is in, but all absences are excused, because it's cold. It's certainly not that there is a snowflake for miles around. Apparently we don't do snow in Tennessee any longer. Peace chimed in with Buck, "Of course, I want to go if school is open. I love school!"

Buck and I searched Peace's face to find some hint of sarcasm. None. Really. None. I suppose our curious reaction triggered the following speech:

"Mom, Dad, I'm not joking. I. Love. School. All my classes. Today some kids were complaining about hating school. I explained that school is their opportunity to make something of themselves. I talked about how they'd better start taking their education seriously, or they'll be eating out of dumpsters in the freezing cold while I'll be living the cool life in a warm apartment."

I asked Buck and Peace, "Is there any way to bottle up his exuberance and keep it all four years of high school?" Oh, I know it won't last, but how I wish it could.


At A Hen's Pace said...

Our kids have had two days off because of windchills of -30!

So glad your son is having such a great year!! May it LAST!!!


Kristin said...

that is really a great attitude!

(your garden is an inspiration)

It's so cold in nashville that our school is closed.

tonia said...

i repent of calling 12F too cold. :)

we oregonians are water-proof, but not very hardy.

~ love that "can-do" attitude from your son. i agree...if only we could bottle up all the good stuff...