Monday, January 12, 2009

Did our President really say misunderestimated today? What does this mean? I should be able to tell, because I make up useful words on the spot every. single. day. However, I'm dumbfounded on this one.

misunderestimated- underestimated in one way, but one really should have been underestimated in a totally different way.

Right? Help the girl.

Flinging out a completely new seventeen letter word on television is some awesomely bold leadership which Obama can only hopificate to reproductify.


Thicket Dweller said...

You are just too. doggone. funny.

Anonymous said...

He'll need some clever strategery!

tonia said...


i think that's an old joke between him and the press...he really did say it once and they were merciless.

it proves he is a pretty funny guy, i think!

truevyne said...

i didn't know he'd said it before. yes, the press have been merciless. i know it goes with the job- and it's not going to get anything but tougher in the coming days.