Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here are some things going on here:
1. I'm enjoying leading Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at the Brown Cup Coffee House. Nothing gets me like kids saying, "When will it be my turn to have Bible study?" or "May I lead prayer service?". Then there was last week when an eleven year old read a scripture, and didn't stop there as usual. He pensively asked the other children, "What words really stood out to you when I read that? What could this mean?"
It was like watching myself.

2. I always get very tired of homeschooling right about now. Trying to soldier on through the I'd-rather-be-gardening-or-pleasure-reading blues.

3. Our other in-school children are winding down or up for finals. Last semester was much more difficult than I hope this one will be. At least Peace doesn't have any wicked teachers tormenting him this time around. Every single one of them this semester are incredibly gifted in education. Tater's teachers have been awesome and working with us as a family as well. Who'd have thunk how lucky we've been?

4. Hoping for a super early bedtime tonight, because all my children are tired and a bit grumpy. Overnight guests, big launch Friday night, early Saturday morning pancake breakfast work, dinner guests, and early church today has done them in.

5. I went to a much more attentive allergist this week for a different and more effective path of treatment. I had additional scratch tests, under the skin tests, blood work, asthma test(negative), and will be going back for a working plan in two weeks with the doctor. I'm trying new foods regularly for which I did not test positive. I keep the epi-pin nearby at all times. It's still hard to cook and serve food. Imagine six weeks now without any dairy or grain- America's entire diet.

6. It's gonna rain here till Thursday. I'm grateful for it considering last year's drought.

Life is good in general. How 'bout for you?


Hope said...

I just took wheat out of my diet. I am breathing so much better but it sure takes commitment to get what I need. No such thing as opening the freezer and taking out a loaf of bread.

Your class sounds very interesting. You know it's sinking in when they start sounding like you.

I have a very full week. Topped off with travelling 8 hours on Saturday to spend a few days with only daughter and some medical appointments. I am looking forward to girl stuff.

truevyne said...

Girl stuff is always fun! So you are making without wheat?

Hope said...

I am. I have replaced it with brown rice cakes and cooked brown rice cereal (it's like cream of wheat.) I tried buckwheat and it plugged the sinuses. Tried another hot cereal and it plugged the sinuses, too. And I eat brown rice pasta which I really like.