Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perhaps I'm a worrier though it's not something I espouse to be. Perhaps it's that every time I turn on the durn news, I hear some more bad news from Mexico. A friend and participant in the course I've just finished co-teaching in Atlanta hails from Mexico City. Her extended family still lives there, and she spoke to me of the dire circumstances her mother described there. Crime concerning illegal drugs, corrupt police, and government has escalated exponentially this year. Gang wars snatch the lives of all ages each day. I've heard dead bodies have been left strewn in the streets to serve as reminders of power and tyranny, and I can't imagine how people raise children in such conditions. Wouldn't this call for a Life is Beautiful style of parenting? Next on queue comes the swine flu raging through the city like some sort of plaque of death over Egypt before the Exodus. Parks, Schools, Universities, restaurants, national monuments, even churches remain deserted like Western ghost towns. Then a 5.6 earthquake jarred the sequestered families and rocked tall buildings yesterday. What gives? What's next? My prayers are with these our neighbors of the United States. May we treat them well as we begin to share in the same suffering.

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