Saturday, December 05, 2009

kinda boring personal update

Clifford is decorated for the holidays, but she's got many construction projects underway- so she looks a bit messy while in progress.  My buddy, Andy, showed me how to tile this week, and I'm part way through tiling the walls around my master bath tub.   Who ever heard of a master bath with a giant tub and no shower?  Andy is taking care of adding the shower head part with his "mad plumbing skilz".  Another friend, Dan, constructed a perfect wall at the end of the tub.  I've found creating a shower takes lots more and longer than the snap of a finger.  Wishing I was a faster, more confident tiler, but, hey, it's my first job ever. Andy added an electrical box yesterday.  He promised as he left, "If you want to put in some outlets while I'm away, at least it wouldn't be a slow death if you mess up." Gotta like that sense of humor.  Today he'll return with our friend Jake, who I know will encourage me while I tile.  Last time he came over, he called out as I worked, "That looks really good.  You are doing well."   I know Jake would help if he could, but he has severely limited muscular use, so his cheering means the world to me.

When these folks come over to help, I know I'm blessed.  It's going to be a different kind of Christmas for my family, and this blessing makes all the difference to keep me positive and looking up.

I haven't found a job yet which is somewhat frustrating.  However, there must be a correlation in God's economy of going to full-time work after the many house projects are complete rather than having it all hanging over my head.  I know Pooh Bear is really having a rough time of it at school with so many hours away from home, and a job will mean even more time away from me.  Sigh.  Thank God she's a tough cookie.  She says regularly, "I'm just going to school, because I know it is better for you."  I keep reminding her that we could work something else out if it gets to hard, but she won't have it.

Tater says, "I'm on the 'bad kid' list at school."   Whatever that is.  Apparently, the teachers made a "watch out for these top 25 troublemakers list", and Tater thinks he's on it.  Could be that he was part of the bullying incident, and someone he considered his new best friend was suspended for 60 days when the drug sniffing dog found oregano in an Altoids can in his locker.  We talked about walking away from friendships with kids who seem to have something up to ones with less drama surrounding.  I finally was "allowed" to make an appointment to talk with Tater's teachers.  The school gatekeepers kept saying, "You need to wait to see his progress before you meet with his teachers.  It doesn't make sense to meet before we know how he's going to perform."  Eye roll.  Haven't these people ever heard of being proactive?  I've taken Tater back to attachment therapy now that we're more settled.  Since the huge changes in our fam, Tater has hit some big all time lows in terms of being a family guy. It was like living with Darth Vader for a about two months- the dark side of the force was strong.  Thankfully, he's come back around in the last month to something more like a cussing and manipulative Dennis the Menace.  I also wonder if he's made a habit of cussing at school which would definitely land him squarely on the "suspicious kid list" for me if I was a teacher and uniformed about attachment disorder.

Peace is plodding through Latin II, the bane of his existence.  He's running track. Yeah, the track season doesn't start till March, but hey, coach needs them conditioned, right?  Peace had two migraines this week.  I know it's the pressure of accepting our new circumstances and keeping up with school with which his momma no can no longer help. Math facts memorization I can handle.  Vis, vida, vimas, vitere- way beyond me.

Wise One continues to adjust to school with mostly pleasure.  However, he tells me sordid tales about the horrible acts of middle schoolers and the unprofessional responses of teachers.  Sigh.  I only wish the teachers knew how incredibly honest this child is, and that he could actually tell them the whole truth instead of the teachers losing their tempers and screaming at children, hoping somehow to get to the bottom of  crazy behavior. In our house, we call that fantasyland- using out-of-control behavior to bring control.   Wise One is having a weekend of caving with his best friend, Eli. Thank God for Eli's family and all the help they send my way.

Personally, I struggle with adjusting to a new sort of life.  I positively hate to watch my children wrestle with things from which I'd hope to shelter.  I'm ever so glad they aren't little ones anymore and have their mom's Vyne determination behind them.  I also struggle personally with keeping my life quiet and peaceful while storms rage all around.  One thing I'm considering is sitting in Adoration to soak in some rays of Grace.

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