Monday, December 14, 2009

Retreat and Tina Lillig

I retreated this last weekend with four remarkable, beautiful, courageous, talented, amazing women. I'm stunned every. single. time. I receive an invitation to live art and prayer with them. Yet they ask, and I show up and stand in awe of who they are and how they are made. Meredith Lee and Almost hauled art materials, and a creative frenzy followed. Francesca packed some great wine, and Crow captured my heart with cookies. I'm easy that way. I laid out my Advent prayer stations for one evening prayer. Pics may follow on Almost's blog.

The hostesses at the retreat center showered us with incredible meals, hospitality to perfection, and delicious readings.

The last evening away, Francesca let me know through her cellphone email of the loss of a precious friend and saint, Tina Lillig. I put my head in my hands and sobbed a while knowing this world has lost a Great Light for now. As I said in my Facebook status, her Light is now stronger than death, but we mortals will miss her splendid company. She has been the National Director of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for many years. Her life is a testament to peace and strong advocacy for humanity, especially children. She opened her heart to me through the years, and though she'd never understand why in her unmatchable humility, she was a hero to me. In my opinion, replacing her in the National Association will be tantamount to finding a successor to Ghandi or MLK among our catechist community.

She wrote , dedicated her life to listening to God with children, and kept house for us, but her greatest attribute to me manifested in that she was one of the most gifted listeners I've ever met.

Please lift up prayers for her family and friends. She wished for donations to the National Association instead of flowers for her funeral. Figures that even in her death she'd give.

I'm home now to the repugnant smell of cat urine from the geriatric cat, Patches, and a quick ER trip for Peace regarding a painfully swollen toe he jammed, but happily did not break after all.

Art.Life. Death. Love. Stink. Healing. That's what it's all about.


Hope said...

There aren't enough people in this world who know how to listen. I'm sorry you lost such a precious one.

truevyne said...

thank you, hope. you are so right.

Weeks Ringle said...

Hello. I am also a friend of Tina Lillig's and thought you might enjoy reading my blog post about how her atrium is honoring her. My post is on

truevyne said...

Thanks, Weeks! said...

I am still joyfully cafibrilloperating in the wake of our wonderful retreat, with You in it.

I am also sad with you over the loss of your friend and advocate, Tina.

(Today's TrueVyne word verification word: "licanium." Sounds dangerous.)

truevyne said...

Oh, I am dangerous, Almost. Cafibrilloperating also sounds dangerous. Don't explode, k?