Thursday, September 15, 2005

What's in Truevyne's Purse?

I could never win the game from Let's Make a Deal where ladies dig in their purse when Monte Hall asks for a mirror, or a comb, bobby pin, toenail clippers, etc., and I am PROUD.
I'm not a complicated woman, so I don't want to carry a big honkin' purse full of things I might need. In fact, I don't want all the hinderances of a purse at all. I tend to be easily distracted when I go out, and am very likely to loose something I don't need to start the car. Does this have to do with shrinking brain power or the four children who scatter like colorful marbles falling from a velvet bag? Who knows which direction or how far they may roll within seconds of the van door opening.
I got my first glimpse of independence from a purse with the birth of my first child. I began to carry an L.L. Bean diaper backpack, and quickly realized I could put anything my purse contained inside the folds and under the protection of the many pockets and zippers within. This system worked for the nine years I toted diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, rash ointment, syrup of epecac, drink cups, board books, an assortment of educational toys, and cat hair. Those days ended abruptly when my last child potty trained. I was left with a large backpack (neatly embroirdered with my first child's name though this was my fourth) containing only a driver's lisence, credit card and a nice earth red shaded lipstick. About this time a friend gifted me with a small hemp and grass woven purse back from her work in Indonesia. Perfect AND cool. However, I left it on top of my car once when loading the children near where college students live and drove off into the wild blue yonder. I went back a few hours later hoping to find it, but alas, it had disappeared. I still grieve the loss of that beauty.
Fortunately, my mother in law brought back a wallet sized kangaroo skin pouch with a cute little koala painted in the middle for me from a trip to Austrailia. All my belongings fit into this with the bonus of an attached keychain. Fancy! I literally wore the kangaroo skin out of that purse. When dimes started dropping through the holes in the bottom, I carefully sewed the holes. When the threads gave out, I reluctantly had to admit even quarters were falling through and give up the ghost and the pouch altogether. Where to find another treasure like this without hopping on a plane down under?
My desparate search lead me to this brightly colored Guatamalan coin purse. I kept the hardware from the koala contraption for my keys which I attached with a leather stip. And, do you notice I hang my sunglasses through the keyring's hole? Clever girl!
This contains:
1. Twp bank cards. I can cut one up, because I just now realized I still had the old one. My purse is lighter already. FREEDOM!
2. Tennessee driver's lisence. When asked for my identification, store clerks comment regularly, "Your hair is much longer now. You almost look like a different person." Don't worry, I'll get tired of long hair and get it cut to within an inch of my skull.
3. Three vehicle insurance cards. I'm tossing the card for my old red truck. It's like driving a haunted house- a little fun but scary.
4. Books A Million discount card. A must.
5. JC Penny Christmas gift card from my dad and his wife. I still have some credit on that baby.
6. AAA card.
7. Credit Card.
8. Health insurance card.
9. Library card.
10. My vet's card.
11. Last year's teacher ID card. That goes in the trash too. Wahoo.
12. Smoothie King Frequent Buyer card. Another personal indulgence revealed.
13. My daughter's new dance teacher's card. Gonna file that instead of carry it.
14. Another library card. Ditching that.
15. Voter's registration. Don't leave home without it.
16. Vonn's Card. A grocery discount card from my trip to Santa Barabara. Won't be needing that either.
17. Loreal Earth Rose lipstick.
18. $11. Much more than I normally carry.

I think a purse or wallet reveals much about what's inside the person. So as the commercial goes, what's in your wallet?

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unquenchableworshipper said...

what kind of husband only gives his wife $11 to live on. That man owes you more than that!