Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This morning my husband came to me as I was getting ready for the day "How do you want the day to go?" This is what he actually meant, "It's my day off. What do we have planned on our calendar?" However, I pretended not to understand. I stopped putting goo in my hair for a moment and stood in silence allowing a big smile cross over my entire face. I wondered if he'd minded my growing silly expression and just standing at our bathroom sinks with me for just a moment while I gathered my thoughts. I squinted my blurry eyes to see if he was yawning at this long pause, because I hadn't found my glasses or contacts yet. I spoke dryly, "This is going to take quite some time. Will you stand there while I tell you *everything*?"
"What?" he asks puzzled. Why don't I just tell him our schedule like he asked? Instead I let collections of wishes fall from my tongue.
"First of all, today I'd love for our children not to argue. I'd like everyone to get along and speak kindly. I don't really want to hear anyone snap, 'Gimme that back! It's mine.' 'Get away from me. You ALWAYS...'
I'd like academics of our homeschool day to be finished by noon so everyone is free to move on to desire directed learning.
I'd like our house to be much cleaner and the clutter would suddenly disappear. Poof.
I'd like time to compose a very clever blog entry.
I'd like a terrific lunch. An elaborate salad and a tasty cheeseburger. Oh, and a chocolate milkshake.
When I go to the doctor this afternoon, they will remove the mole I'm worried about being melanoma immediately, and it won't hurt at all. The doc will simply tap my aching hip and VIOLA, my hip will feel better for the first time in a month. I could even put my running shoes on and go for a nice 5K, or work on some upcoming choreography.
Peace will say, 'Thanks for sewing my flag for scouts.'
Pooh will put sounds together like never before in her reading time.
Boodle will not make anyone fuss, including me or my husband.
We will write a date on the calendar to go to the Dinosaur exhibit for Wise One.
Our meetings tonight with other families will be a blessing for everyone involved.
My husband will sing to me.
Two friends I love dearly would reconcile after years of strife between them.
I'd like to hear a news report that every single person has been successfully reunited with loved ones lost in the hurricane.
Is peace on earth okay to wish for here?
How about just for Iraq to embrace democracy today and the soldiers could all come home tonight and hold their children in their arms and passionately kiss their wives? or husbands?

I don't feel finished yet, but perhaps we could begin our morning, and I can add to the list as more things come to me? Would that be alright? And, by the way, how would YOU like today to go?"


unquenchableworshipper said...

Well.. you got the cheeseburger and the milkshake..but you had to wait for dinner...
oh ..and you forgot to mention you wanted Britney Spears to have her baby.. and give it a strange name.

thicket dweller said...

I don't think I need to write a list. You wrote it for me! :-) Nice entry.