Friday, October 07, 2005

I ask a dangerous question

I've asked the question of my children, "What makes me different from other moms?"
Here are their unedited (yikes!) answers.
1. You don't let us watch tv.
2. You don't let us have game systems.
3. You homeschool us.
4. You make us eat broccoli, but we like it.
5. You've been China without getting arrested.
6. We have to get our academic work done by 12, or we don't get special privileges like computer time.
7. We don't get real allowances from you. We get money for work when most kids get allowance for things like getting up in the morning.
8. When you do let us watch tv, it's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but not to mention we haven't seen it in five weeks.
9. You took us to see Star Wars episode three on opening night.
10. You know how to milk a goat and taught us how to.
11. You let us have the second biggest dog in the world- a Great Pyreneese. Most moms would freak out when they see our dog Ripley.
12. You're so good at gardening we've still got tomatoes today, October 7.
13. You get drunk from half a glass of wine, but I've never seen you do it.
14. You bought soap molds a long time ago and have never made soap.
15. You told us not to name our chickens, but Dad named a few.
16. Your son is a Star Trek Nerd.
17. You always change the color of your hair.
18. You go the gym.
19. You cry at every single movie, including the previews for Narnia. I saw you cry at the ballet The Nutcracker.
20. You won't let me get a paintball gun.
21. You laughed the whole movie of Elf.
22. You let us go to Dollywood, and you'll go on every ride.
23. You are a daredevil.
24. You like to bake chocolate chip cookies.
25. I can't remember a meal you cooked that I didn't like.
26. You're really bad at baseball.
27. You make the best Shepherd's pie.
28. You always ask me to fix the eyes on the electric garage door openers.
29. You always wreck the lawn mower.
30. You love a clean house.
31. You allow swords in our house but no real guns (or cowboys).


thicket dweller said...

I love it. I think that you and I are an awful lot alike, because I believe my kids would say many of the same things. Just today I got into a big, BIG, B-I-G discussion with 14 yo Houdin because I said he wouldn't be able to go to a Halo party. My, my, was I unpopular today. :-/

Still, I think we're doing the right thing. Rock on, Mama.

P.S. Not only did I WATCH all of Elf, I actually LIKED it and often quote from it! :-)

truevyne said...

Dear Thicket,
I'd love to hear some things your kids would say of you on your blog. Since I promised not to edit, there were some things I'd rather not have been said. BTW, they like my cooking only because they don't know any better. Wait till they find out I'm a terrible cook.
I'll be asking your advice when I have a 14 year old interested in a party of *any* kind. My first question would be,"Am *I* invited??"