Friday, October 14, 2005


I thought I'd share a few things from this day.

While I'm getting my blog and chocolate fix this afternoon I have this little converstation as my little girl twists herself up in the long linen tan with roses curtain on the window next to my computer.

Pooh Bear: "Mommy, will it ever be night in heaven?"
Me: "Dunno, but I sure love stars."
Pooh Bear: "The stars ARE the light for heaven, mommy."

Earlier, I found Peace off task from his homescool again. He's eleven, but I practially have to stalk the boy to keep him on track with his academics. Peace is the kind of guy who would rather build forts than perform fractions, make a sword from cardboard and masking tape than sit write a paragraph. Around noon, I found him sitting with Pooh Bear going through Brain Quest for kindergardeners. I kept out of sight and listened.
Peace: "How many legs does a spider have?
Pooh: "I don't know."
Peace: "Eight, say Eight."
Pooh: "Eight."
Peace: "Correct. What's wrong in this picture?"
Pooh: "Humpty Dumpty is on a log not on a wall."
Peace: "Correct. You get a star!"
He leads her to an envelope he'd prepared with stars he cut out for her.
Peace: "What's missing on this picture?"
Pooh:"The horse doesn't have it's tail, silly." Giggle.
Peace: "Correct. You earn another star. Let's count how many stars you have."

He stayed guiding Pooh gently through fun and learning activities for half an hour.
I certainly did not interrupt to redirect Peace back to his lesson list. It felt like I was smack in the middle of the Priceless commercial.

Wise One happens to have the dream personality for the homeschooling mother. He gets his work out the night before it's due and begins. "I want a day off tommorrow, so I'm doing my homeschool tonight." In the morning, before I'm out of bed, the boy is handing me his completed lessons for checking. He's spent this day building with the erector set after he made his corrections.

Tator moans when I assign his language work. He grunts and sighs when he's working on math. "Why do I have to take another spelling test if I took one with Dad yesterday?" and "Why does anyone care about denominators anyhow?" He'd rather be running the United States of America than doing schoolwork. I ask him to put down Peace's copy of _The Hobbit_ and later Wise One's _Mrs. Piggle Wiggle_ and get back to HIS assignments.

I've spent the day successfully pushing the nagging thought from my mind, "I should get everything out for an early dinner." We're taking the boys and some friends to see Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin in concert. I would much rather and willingly make a home cooked meal for Matt and Chris then gather in our living room with instruments than rocking with 2,000 other people in a crowded auditorium. Since we actually don't know these men, but just feel like we do through their music, we'll have to settle for the latter.

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unquenchableworshipper said...

How many times did Peace pick up his cat during the school day?