Thursday, October 20, 2005

Logic verses Truth

An illuminating conversation with some excellent thinkers yesterday led me to these comments.

Logic eludes me at times. I become stubborn and unteachable. I don't remain open to different ways of learning. However, I do value logic. Logic is a great path for a bright mind to follow, but I recognize its limits. There is no inherent beauty in it. In fact, the path can even conclude at nothingness, harshness, even stark despair. Someone I love does not love me. I hurt and there is no way out of this pain. I envy. I can't change. Sometimes logic lacks something essential at its core- mercy.

There is an alternative with exceeds logic. Truth. Truth has a fundamental beauty. In truth there is purpose, meaning, love. Even if the truth is difficult, one will find hope linked alongside it. Someone dear does not love me, but I can still freely and deeply love. I will not hurt forever. I have all I need; I lack for nothing. I can find the help I need to change.
Truth offers hope.

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