Sunday, October 23, 2005


Bright Minds Publishing Company has successfully convinced me that my children need to think critically. Most days my children have logic puzzles as an academic assignment. Not owning the most logical of brains, I muddle through with the children. However, at times, I am forced to ask them to wait for Buck to come home and tell them how to proceed. I just can't always figure things out. This is precisely why Hillary Clinton wrote the book _It takes a Village_, which I never intend to read. The title tells me what I already know. My brain cannot do all things on its own; I NEED other folks helping me and teaching my children.
My husband found a website which has an array of logic puzzles- He handed the boys new sudokus (number squares puzzles)each day. Wise One loves this type of thing and asks for more at every turn. Friday Buck printed up an easy one to have us all race filling in the numbers. Buck finished light years ahead of us all, me second, and Wise One third. Peace quit before he was finished. Little did Buck know that he'd unleashed a sudoku passion in me when asking me to race. Since Friday, I print up a new easy sudoku in every spare moment. While dinner cooks, I work on these sheets. After picking the garden, I puzzle. I do a sudoku between brushing my teeth and flossing.
I'll know I'll quit after I get past the easy puzzles, because I'd rather read. I just haven't found the right book to start just yet. I like book my husband would deem "girl books"- Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, Jane Austin, Gene Stratton Porter. Any suggestions for my next book? I've got to wean myself from these sudokus somehow...

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ni said...

My husband introduced me to sudoku a couple of weeks ago and I bet I spent a couple of hours doing them incompletely in the days after that. Life has been to busy reciently but I'm going to search the internet and find some right now. I have a little uncommitted time today.