Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I, Cinderella

Please, if you have any inclination to come visit me, now is the time to do so.


As I mentioned before Buck has invited two complete strangers (should be just fine as he met on them on internet) to stay with us,for the weekend, and I found myself compulsively scrubbing today. You can actually walk across our kitchen floor without sticking to it. The refrigerator is mostly white again. I even put new towels, throw rugs, and shower curtain in the bathroom.

I'm fairly certain that tommorrow, despite all the scouring and swabbing I accomplished in the four-boy-one-man bathroom today- the not so pleasant hint of urine will be back again by 8:00am in the morning. No way around it as those males marking their territory willy nilly with all those willies.

And I decided it is not mopping I hate; mopping is simple. It's all the scrubbing next to the nasty baseboards beforehand.

The sad part of all this cleaning, is that there is no ball for me tonight- just a morning swim practice evening swim meet for the children.

Where is my handsome prince?

Oh, yeah. He's headed to his songwriter's conference while I keep the children. Don't tell Buck, but the kids and I are going to have FUN without him somehow. I'll just sigh alot on the phone when he calls to check in, so he thinks we are all terribly bored without him.


Gabrielle said...

I went through this last Saturday and Sunday, because we were having a BBQ for two family members' birthdays. Thank goodness we get visitors every once in a while; it's really the only time any MAJOR cleaning happens at our house!

truevyne said...

Gab, same for me. I am no friend of fly lady.

unquenchableworshipper said...

I humbly bow before you.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

You went above and beyond the call..

and I owe you big time!