Monday, June 05, 2006

While at the gym this morning, I noticed the crazy eye thing. The eye thing where everything I looked at I could see the jagged curve of a star superimposed over muscle men, the door to the tanning bed, tread mills, leg press, leg extension machine, etc.

I knew what was comin', so being the praying kind, I threw emergency flares up to God. God I'm an not good at this, so if You wouldn't mind, like the last two times, could you please fix me before it all starts?

I finished up my workout quickly and drove home. There's always a window between the lightning eye and agony. I decided against whining to Buck prematurely which I later regretted.
He drove off to get Wise One a desperately needed haircut leaving me with the other three children while I prepared a fantastic enchiladas recipe Svetlana had given me. I was so very hungry until it came time to fill the tortillas. A wave of nausea poured over me like gravy on warm mashed potatoes- guess it was coming afterall. I showed Tator how to wet and warm the tortillas, fill them, and lay them in the tray hoping I could keep down the breakfast waffle and the three pounds of water I'd sucked in at the gym. "Can. You. Finish. Tator? I've got to call Daddy." I grabbed the phone, and instead of hearing my beloved's voice, I heard his ring tone in another room. Rats. He'd left his phone on the bathroom counter. That's precisely when I felt a lead ball behind my left eye pounding about inside my brain like a pinball machine popping and flashing. "Tator. I. Am. So. Sick. I have to lay down right now. Listen for the timer, and please take the enchiladas out when you hear it go off. And most of all. Be. Quiet."

This was the first day ever the neighbors let their cows into the field next to our house. Their nervous "where am I?" moos sounded as if the cows were in the bed with their wet noses right up to my ear amplified on setting 11. The security "beep, beep" of the door opening and closing, a noise I rarely notice, sounded like I was on top of a blaring foghorn in Wuthering Heights just before daybreak. I threw some tylenol down my throat and laid down on my bed. I pulled covers over me as chill bumps formed on my newly freezing body. The migraine consumed me. All I could do, was pray for sleep. Mercifully, Buck drove up and I begged him to stop all the noise in the universe, so the pounding in my head wouldn't be so pronounced.

I'm not sure how long it took for sleep to come, because one minute of the agony seemed like a thousand, so it was true mercy when disconnected dreams finally carried me away from the thunder strikes behind my left eye. I woke up to a severely drooled on pillow for a moment, enough time to know it wasn't over yet, and entered that Alice in Wonderland dreamworld again. The second time I woke up, the severity had significantly reduced to a dull ache. I still have the dull ache tonight, but I'm grateful that's all it is.

I believe I've had four other migraines before' that's why I anticipated the unforgettable event. My first was in college during an exam- I noticed the words on the page kept jumping around while I studied and then the nausea and brain squashing hit just as I filled in test answers.

Another time I remember a migraine when Tator was an infant and Peace was a toddler. Sleep depravity played a role then and today. My sleep patterns were disrupted by my recent vacation and then bronchitis which made slumber seem unachievable last week.

So it's off to bed. Apparently I have some catching up to do.

And next time, I going to hire a stunt double to do my next migraine for me.


Steven said...

That is a scary pic.

truevyne said...

Steven, yes it is.

Julana said...

I get migraines about once a month. Sometimes taking three aspirin the minute I feel them coming on helps reduce the pain. Have to get them down before the nausea strikes.
Then, bedrest.

truevyne said...

Julana, Good advice.