Friday, March 23, 2007

I am frustrated. Recently someone asked me to consider submitting an article for publication, and I felt true inspiration to do so. As usual, I simply started writing out all my thoughts and happily concluded some time later. I read it over and felt some dissatisfaction. Instead of a clear path on a particular point, I'd written a windy road on several points. Claire, dear friend and editor agreed, "I like your thoughts, but where on earth is your thesis statement?" She gave me marvelous suggestions on how to pick a single point, develop a thesis, and write a beautiful article. So, I scrapped the first draft, took a few days off and began again anew. Again, I sent Claire the new work sheepishly noting the distinct lack of a thesis statement. "True," she questioned,"Didn't you understand the need to start with thesis statement? I often spend hours crafting the initial sentence, and then the writing flows easily after." Right! That's never been how I write. Try as I might, I can't spend hours on a single sentence, or I'd never get anything down on paper. I recognize my "stream of consciousness" style is not efficient, but pragmatism utterly cramps my creativity.

Claire is a blessing in that she guides me with great patience. Tomorrow we'll tackle the giant of I can't seem to conquer on my own.


Scott Lyons said...

I have the same wanderlust when I write, True. The trick is to put it off until the night before, drink a liter or two of caffeinated beverages, finish in the nick of time, gladly wash your hands of it, and then be miserable for a week after - from lack of sleep and wondering if you actually wrote what you think you wrote.

And while that is how I write, sadly, I have begun to try to force myself to create some kind of organization - which I totally suck at.

It's difficult for me, also, to write under prescription. I feel shackled by it. But, on the other hand, it is excellent practice; and I grow as a writer (I hope) through it.

The biggest thing I've discovered about my own writing is how much it is weighed down, absolutely caged by my fears (not good enough, hack, poser, etc.). And that is what I struggle and pray through each day.

I recently wrote the following about myself. It sounds, and may be, slightly psychotic, but let me share it with you. It's from one of my articles on simplicity - how we must let nothing master us:

"Fear masters me. I am its servant, worshiping in its liturgy of non-activity, wanting every step to be like the last, knowing it cannot be. So I hesitate. I want to take this life and bury it, to present it to God As Is - wicked and lazy servant that I am.

"But Simplicity acts, fearing only her Master."

Writing is a passion, a gift that God has given you, True. And He's made you to honor Him with it. He's made you for this. So do not be afraid.

truevyne said...

Dear Scott,
You inspire me AGAIN!