Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm officially beat. I've been working in the garden all afternoon in a gentle rain, and I'm tired through to the bone. Buck tilled it for me last week, so I needed to put the rocks back along the path just the way I like them. I also put in the beans and sugar snap peas I sprouted. Hauna gave me chives, and I planted those as well. Every new sprout looks very happy. Buck ordered mulch tomorrow to help keep the weeds down.

I came in for a hot bath afterwards, and I didn't even have to sneak. Pooh Bear is having a sleepover at Anna's. I noticed a distinct quiet in her absence. She usually follows me room to room, flower bed to flower bed, garden spot to garden spot, chattering all the day. In the silence, I began a book this evening for the first time in a long time which my friend Beth bought for me months ago.

My sons are taking the Standford Achievement test this week as they do every spring break. Wise One keeps asking me, "What if I got ALL the answers right, Mom?" My answer, "I'll send you to college next year at the ripe old age of eleven." Trust me, he won't get all of them right- he struggled to read the word "unity" a few days ago. Peace came out saying, "This was the hardest math year ever mom. I think I did fine though." Last year, he misbubbled and spent a great deal of the time recovering rather than finishing the math section of the test. I told him, "Better to learn all about checking every answer and every number in the sixth grade than on the ACT in high school."

I cut a deal with the boys. They all wanted to go to the airsoft store, and I bargained with "no complaints" in getting my nails done. My guys poured over the cases of pricey "big boy toys" while I questioned the owner on the validity of "hunting people." "It's just like video games, Mam." he snipped. "Not exactly, but ask my children just how many video games we have," I retorted. Tater obliged from across the room, "Exactly none." The man looked incredulous- a house with three real boys and no video games? Proposterous!

My sons easily kept their "no complaining" vow at the nail salon as they sat glued to the gigantic HDTV showing of car crashes.

Funny how I always end up in the garden working with beautiful nails.

Update: Buck drove to "rescue" a sobbing six year old Pooh Bear from her sleepover. She didn't think night could be so DARK!

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