Friday, March 30, 2007

They're gone. All gone. I went to the dermatologist and had three more basal cell cancers erased from my body.

Suddenly, really, suddenly I noticed two strange spots inches below my collar bone while combing my hair at the mirror a few weeks ago. I taunted the spots, "You can't fool me. I know what you are, since I've been through this before." I explored my skin more carefully and found another tiny suspicious spot on my arm.

I asked the dear folks in my small group to remind me to make a dermatology appointment, and I got a flurry of sweet reminding emails for the next several days. Buck made the appointment for me. God bless them, every one!

Last time, the first time, doctors had to dig a durn spot out of me twice(!), because I let it go for years out of ignorance. This morning the Physician's Assistant burned those nasty cells off my skin with liquid nitrogen before she could utter the words "Suncreen" and "Wide Brimmed Hat" more than once.

So, here's your reminder, friend. Tend the needs of your body you might sometimes put off. Earlier is better. Better late than never.


~m2~ said...

amen and amen!

i sound like a broken record with my daughter's friends over their time spent in a tanning bed. they don't understand that even if they don't see it now, that has no bearing on what is happening inside of them on a cellular level and the changes that are taking place, sight unseen.

i obviously feel very strongly about this -- good on you for getting those things off. my 6-month check up is in a week or two - i have to go every 6 months for the rest of my life. one visit i actually don't mind.

(think you hit a nerve on this with me?)

truevyne said...

Dear Pen,
I know you have been vigilant about doing what you need to for your body though it certainly hasn't been easy. It actually inspires me to keep up on my stuff when I read your blog.
I do worry about tanning beds- my nickname for them is cancer cubicles.

Julana said...

Good for you. . .