Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some things hit me square in the funny bone. The news story expounded upon during NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me Saturday, had me laughing out loud, almost to the point of tears.

Here's why.

Apparently, somewhere in California the solution to an overpopulation of squirrels is not a match to the good old boy Tennessee tradition of huntin' 'em down and eatin' 'em for dinner. In fact, the compassionate California resolution of too many squirrels involves catching the females and injecting them with birth control hormones. Now that's got to be easy to keep track of, and tax money well spent. The comedians on Wait, Wait held me in stitches as they spouted, "Those squirrels are out of control with sex and need a good stern talking to."

"When the girl squirrels were interviewed about the problem they stated, 'We have a real problem with storing our pills in trees and forgetting where we've put them."

"Next the state will distribute teeny tiny little pamphlets titled Straight Talk about Nuts."

Thanks for the good laugh NPR.


Kate said...

now THAT is quite funny. i am going to have to go to their site and see if i can listen to it online.

truevyne said...

You might want to listen to this week's version whenever it's on your local NPR station. Our is Saturday mornings. I always get a kick out of those people.