Friday, October 19, 2007

Packing my bag for Helen's splendid birthday trip this morning. We'll hit Ashville, N.C. with another friend, Candy. I expect a weekend of laughter, art, great food, and girly mayhem. If you see me, I'll have a wild grin on my face that says, "I'm a forty-one year old homeschooling, pretend farming mother of four who doesn't get this opportunity very often."
If you see Buck, it'll be on the fly. He's selling Boyscout popcorn with the boys and soccer game chauffeuring.


amanda said...

Have a very fun time! And please share so we can live vicariously through you.

unquenchableworshipper said...

True, the boys and I have sold enough popcorn for bail money, so have fun!


Kate said...

Is this the weekend of the art festival? Ooooo I want to see pics. That place is gorgeous!! Have fun!

Kate said...

But wait, is it your b'day too?

truevyne said...

Amanda and Kate,
I can't post pics- we didn't take any, and dinosaur dial-up makes loading pictures really difficult. Nope, it wasn't my birthday, it was just Helen's. You guys would love the town. Very beautiful and art everywhere. Helen and I wondered on the way home, "If EVERYONE in Ashville in an artist, then who does plumbing, drywall, sewage?

Kate said..., drywall, sewage is an art of it's own!! it takes talent (and patience) to do that too! ;)