Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buck, Pooh Bear and Wise One have been gone for days to dear Uncle Earl's funeral in Pennsylvania. Uncle Earl has battled dreadfully with cancer for years now, and I know death has brought him final peace and rest. When we got word about his passing, Tater had just been diagnosed with the flu, and I volunteered to stay home with him. Peace stayed home to help me with the animals. The peditrician prescribed everyone doses of Tamiflu. Tater got better in three days, and none of us have any symptoms a week later. That's a miracle. Tater got the flu around this time of year, and everyone in the family caught a version of it following. Those were miserable days for everyone. So, I 'm feeling lucky to have avoided that same plight.

Buck and the two youngest arrived home late last night after a wintery drive through snow Cincinnati to Richmond. He told me I'd have been nervous as a cat with those slippery road conditions. I could tell the long drived taxed him, but he's off to take a sick goat to the vet. Sigh. No rest for the weary here.

Winter brings many things. Right now things seem dreary to me- drabness of nature, bitter cold, death, missing my husband, sickness of people and animals, difficulties with children. All these things seem to be an expression of Lent.

As with seasons, even seasons of the church, things are sent to remind of what is to come. Peace and I noticed a family of cardinals which live near the top of my driveway, and another flock on down the road. The flash of brilliant red feathers darting against the browns of barren thorns and trees encourages me to look toward the bright greens, cheery yellows, and romantic pinks of warming weather. I wait for spring. I wait.

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