Monday, February 25, 2008

Peace: Mom, I have a slight fever. My head hurts. I don't feel like throwing up or anything, but I'm really tired. What do you think it is?

Me: (with a completely serious face) That is exactly what I'm told it feels like just before you die.

Peace: (gets a huge grin past the pain) How do you feel, Mom?

Me: Oh, I'm just fine, honey.

Peace: I'm told "fine" is exactly what people feel like just before they die.


HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Just checking back with your blog after a bloggin haitus for myself. Yep, Wendy is my sister! "It's a small world after all!" Enjoy reading your entries - sorry the sick-bug has gotten your family. I know what it's like!

truevyne said...

Thanks for the condolences, Robin.