Sunday, February 17, 2008

He gets it from his dad

Peace casually posed this question yesterday afternoon in conversation, "You the know the Miss Universe Pageant? It doesn't seem quite fair. Why is the contestant who always wins from Earth?"

Buck retold the joke to friends at our lovely Valentine's Day dinner last evening. Someone asked from across the table, "Well, is there also a Mr. Universe?" To which Buck responded by pointing his fingertips into his chest, haughtily wagging his head, and replying, "Hello?!"


hiddenart said...

Extremely funny. My guys are so similar.

truevyne said...

Thanks for laughing with me.

Anonymous said...

Buck - I have always known know you ah not a gurly man, but I did not know you were Mr. Universe. Does that make P. Mrs. Universe?

truevyne said...

Anon, nah. I am couldn't fit in the bathing suit.